UPDATE: Patients now at other hospitals following Legionella bacteria find at St George’s Hospital, Hornchurch

Patients have now been transferred to other facilities following the finding of elevated levels of Legionella bacteria at St George’s Hospital in Hornchurch.

A spokesman for NHS North East London and the City (Nelc) said: “All of the patients transferred from St George’s yesterday are now being cared for in other local hospitals and being monitored for any symptoms.

“We have no confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease, but we will of course continue to monitor them over the weekend.”

Most inpatients have been moved to the Brentwo�d Community Hospital, some others to Grays Court in Dagenham and some were able to be discharged.

Staff from the hospital have also moved sites, along with the patients.

Day patients are still able to visit the hospital, although this is subject to review.