‘Test has ended my allergy pain’

AN UPMINSTER man has seen his life transformed after an allergy test found that certain foods were making him sick.

Andrew Baker, from Leasway, is now able to lead a normal life after the Yorktest showed that he was allergic to dairy products, wheat and gluten.

He said: “I now have to watch what I am eating but it has just transformed my life because I am no longer in pain or discomfort.”

Andrew, 37, who had suffered for years from regular stomach upsets and unexplained bleeding, first heard about the test five months ago after his brother, who has Crohn’s disease, told him the difference the test had made to his life.

Andrew decided to send off a pinprick of blood for the test which showed that he was allergic to three main food groups.

He said: “If I had to go to a doctor I would have been lucky to actually get an appointment and then I would not be treated as a priority because, in comparison with other people’s problems, mine was not that serious.”

The test, which is the only one recognised by the medical profession, also saw him being given advice from a nutritionist about how to cut the foods from his diet.

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Since then, the father of three – who had been suffering from problems including tiredness, mood swings and being unable to gain weight since he was 18 – has seen his life transformed for the better.

He said: “I feel like a better person now because I am a lot healthier and my family do not have to put up with my mood swings or miserable behaviour.

“I would definitely recommend the test to anyone who thinks they may be allergic to something and want it checked out quickly.”