Running for Adrian: Harold Hill man Dan, 29, on why he’s running a sponsored 10k for a terminally ill friend

Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones - Credit: Archant

A young businessman is swapping insurance for endurance to help a friend with three months to live.

Dan Evans, 29, director of Evans Insurance Brokers in Romford, found out Adrian Jones, 56, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks ago.

Now he and a group of nine other professionals from the region are embarking on a 10km sponsored run to ease the burden on Adrian’s family, who live in Basildon.

“It was a standing start because I’m not very physical and sporty,” said Dan, of Wednesbury Road, Harold Hill. “We realised to get people to part with their money we’d have to do something that isn’t easy for us, and people who know me will understand that running is totally out of my comfort zone.”

Not only is Adrian a friend – he was also a mentor to Dan, helping him set up his insurance firm two years ago.

“I met Adrian at a business networking event when I was new to the area,” he said. “Adrian welcomed me in and when I started my business he helped me.

“He’s always trying to help people. He talked me through the physical process of setting up my company when I didn’t know what to do. He helped me get going.

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“Adrian’s only ever given out and never really taken in, and now is when he needs it most.”

Tragically, the fact Adrian’s self-employed means he isn’t receiving any sick pay.

Dan’s group hopes to raise at least £1,000 – a sum they hope will cover Adrian’s living costs and mean he can focus on being with his wife Terri.

“It caught him out of the blue,” said Dan, “so he hadn’t really made any provisions and he’s in a bit of difficulty.

“It’s to soften the blow of day-to-day living – he can’t work and his wife has to care for him so she’s off work too.

“The idea is to stop them worrying about things that shouldn’t be bothering them. It’s just to make Adrian more comfortable.”

Dad-of-two Dan isn’t the only person taking the run, due to take place in Richmond Park on Sunday, seriously.

“One guy had to drop out because he trained so hard he had to have an operation on his knee,” said Dan.

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