Romford mum inspired to become Queen’s Hospital midwife after giving birth on International Day of the Midwife

Jill Langford and Laura Bowman.

Jill Langford and Laura Bowman. - Credit: Archant

A Queen’s Hospital midwife inspired a Romford mum to re-train as a midwife after supporting her through the birth of her third child.

Giving birth on International Day of the Midwife in 2012 proved to be a life-changing experience for Laura Bowman, 35, from Burnham Road.

Laura was so inspired by her midwife, Jill Langford when giving birth to her third child Ella, at Queen’s Hospital in Rom Valley Way that she decided to leave her mortgage advisor job and pursue a career helping other expectant mothers.

“I was not planning a career change at all, but Jill was so lovely when she was looking after me,” said Laura.

“After I had been at home with Ella for a couple of months I just thought I didn’t want to go back to what I was doing before.”

Laura was surprised to run into Jill while she was working as a maternity care assistant at Queen’s Hospital during her training.

And Jill was delighted to learn how big an impact she had had, saying: “When Laura told me I had inspired her to become a midwife I was so elated and so touched.

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“Not many people can say they’ve inspired someone to follow the same path.

“Having done the job for so long I still enjoy every aspect of it. The level of care we give here is phenomenal and I’m really proud of what I do.”

Laura will mark her first International Day of the Midwife on Saturday, May 5, by celebrating Ella’s sixth birthday, while Jill will be spending it with her peers at the MaMa midwifery and maternity conference in Scotland.