Rainham man beats anorexia to become personal trainer and model

Carl Creasey is now a personal trainer and model

Carl Creasey is now a personal trainer and model - Credit: LAmuscle

A 22-year-old man who nearly died from anorexia is celebrating after recovering from the illness to become a personal trainer and model.

Carl Creasey when he weighed 5st 5lb

Carl Creasey when he weighed 5st 5lb - Credit: LAmuscle

Carl Creasey, from Rainham, looks the picture of health in recent photos - but just last year he weighed only 5st 5lb, after being bullied at school and developing the eating disorder.

Carl Creasey is now a picture of health

Carl Creasey is now a picture of health - Credit: LAmuscle

During that time, he would eat tiny portions of food and then exercise to burn off calories.

“I was addicted to the scales,” he said. “If I wasn’t losing weight I would increase my exercise.

“Sometimes I would go through the day with just a banana and cereal bar.”

Carl says he would avoid going home to prevent himself from eating, and saw food as the only thing he could control during his time being bullied at school.

But after doctors told him he may only have weeks to live, and a stint in rehab in late 2012, he “knew things had to change.”

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“I had always admired the bodybuilding physique,” he said. “I knew if I was to get that kind of body then I would need to eat and supplement properly so I started going to the gym.

“I took it easy at first and built my way up, learning and taking advice from friends and other gym-goers.”

Carl, who currently weighs more than 10st, says he learnt the importance of eating properly and resting to let the body grow and recover, and is now a qualified level three personal trainer.

He said: “I now help and encourage others to beat their eating disorder, as skipping meals is not the way forward.”

Having recently gained sponsorship by sports and nutrition company LA Muscle, Carl has also had a photoshoot for Diesel Models.

He added: “My goals for the future are to compete in fitness competitions, become a cover model and represent LA Muscle in future campaigns.”

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