Hospital investigating claim nurses 'ignored' fainting and vomiting woman

Reshmee Mayekar

Reshmee Mayekar said she 'feared for her life' throughout her experience at Queen's Hospital, Romford - Credit: Reshmee Mayekar

Hospital staff “ignored” a mother-of-two, who fainted repeatedly, was left vomiting on herself and not offered food during a “nightmare” 15-hour stay at Queen’s Hospital, it has been claimed. 

Reshmee Mayekar, of Burrow Green in Chigwell, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after suffering “unbearable pain” - which she believed to be related to a recently diagnosed ovarian cyst - on Tuesday (February 9). 

The 37-year-old claimed doctors didn’t notice her passing out every few minutes and vomiting while lying down in her bed. She also said healthcare staff wrongly diagnosed her illness and pressured her to go home. 

“When I got to A&E, I was given morphine and I know for a fact that I fainted,” said Mrs Mayekar. “I was on a bed, I could feel my whole body shaking and I am shouting ‘help me, help me’.  

“The morphine didn’t do anything for my pain and I’m slipping in and out of consciousness, vomiting and fainting. 

“My family wasn’t allowed in because of Covid, so I had them on the phone with me so that they could see what was happening.” 

Mrs Mayekar was told by doctors, the day before, that she had a cyst on her uterus but would “live a normal life” by taking painkillers for the discomfort. 

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However, when she was moved from A&E to the Romford hospital’s gynaecology unit at Sunshine B ward, she was told the pain had nothing to do with the cyst and she needed to go home. 

Reshmee Mayekar with her husband, Pankaj Mayekar

Reshmee Mayekar said her husband Pankaj called the hospital after seeing her faint on Facetime - Credit: Reshmee Mayekar

Mrs Mayekar said: “You can’t just kick someone out of a hospital because it isn’t part of your department but he said I can’t send you back to A&E. 

“I said can you guarantee I’m going to stay alive if I go home because I’m scared.” 

She added that, when she refused to leave, she overheard a nurse talking about domestic violence before asking her whether “everything was good with her husband at home”.  

“[It was] a question that was completely irrelevant unless they were presuming that I am lying about the pain,” she said. 

Mrs Mayekar said she feared for her life when a nurse allegedly “ignored” her while she was vomiting while lying down on a bed in the hospital’s Sunshine B ward, close to the reception area. 

She said: “She was just standing there. I fainted and started vomiting while in a lying position – she could hear I was vomiting, it was loud enough to hear and she didn’t come, she just ignored me. 

“My husband had to call her and say my wife is in the room with you and she is vomiting and fainting. 

“I was lucky he was able to get in touch with the hospital because it is terrifying to think that I could have easily choked on my own vomit and no one would have known about it.” 

Mrs Mayekar was eventually allowed to remain at the hospital through the night, before a fourth doctor finally confirmed she had a ruptured ovarian cyst. 

She said she was left in a bed, lying in her own vomit, feeling “dirty” and was not offered any food or drink by staff. 

“They didn’t offer me any food right up until I left at around 3pm on Wednesday and they wanted me to take more painkillers, so very quickly got me two slices of toast,” she said. 

Her husband, Pankaj Mayekar, said watching his wife fainting and vomiting on video was like “something out of a horror movie”. 

He said: “It was a horrible experience, a nightmare – it was a shock to see something like this happening in our country. 

“She was given morphine when she shouldn’t have been and all I could do was listen to her begging for their help. 

“Even when she came home, the next day she was having nightmares that she was back at the hospital and being ignored but she is safe now.” 

Queen's Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford

Queen's Hospital, in Romford, is investigating the claims of neglect - Credit: Archant

Mrs Mayekar said she was not offered any assistance or even a wheelchair when she went home and had to walk 15 minutes to be picked up by family. 

A spokesperson for Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT), which runs Queen’s, said it was looking into what happened. 

They said: “We’re grateful these concerns have been brought to our attention and they will be investigated by our complaints team who will be in touch with Mrs Mayekar.” 

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