Queen’s Hospital staff didn’t tell family of dying man he was moving ward

Martin Clayton

Martin Clayton - Credit: Archant

The son of a dying patient has criticised Queen’s Hospital for not diagnosing his father’s condition and moving him without telling the family.

Martin Clayton

Martin Clayton - Credit: Archant

Martin Clayton, 62, was admitted to the Rom Valley Way hospital last month after falling ill with sickness and diarrhoea on return from a holiday.

A month later and his condition has yet to be diagnosed but has got “progressively worse”.

He is now struggling to breathe, has had two thirds of his bowel removed and his son Peter Clayton, of Hornchurch, says he has been given “not long” to live.

A list of complaints has been submitted by Peter to the hospital over issues such as the family not being contacted when his father was moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

“I went to see my dad only to find an empty bed,” he explained. “I was told he was discharged. After 20 minutes the same nurse called out he had been moved as he had deteriorated further.

“The distress this has caused the family is a disgrace. He could have passed away and we would have been none the wiser.”

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Peter also claimed no doctors were available over August bank holiday, when his father became critical, and he and his sister were told to stay with him as he struggled to breathe.

“The situation has exacerbated into a serious life threatening situation and my father has had to have major surgery to remove two thirds of his bowel.”

Stephen Burgess, medical director at the hospital, said his team are working “tirelessly” to find out what is wrong with Martin and have called in a number of external experts to help us diagnose his condition.

He added: “We have carried out an enormous number of tests, and are currently waiting for the most recent results.

“I sincerely apologise if Mr Clayton’s family feel they have not been fully informed about his care. We have spoken to them about this, and will ensure that we keep in close contact with them.”

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