Queen’s Hospital is chosen to pilot new scheme to improve care

Queen’s Hospital has been chosen to pilot a new scheme to improve care across the NHS.

The Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS) has chosen the hospital in Romford as one of two in London to take part in the programme Creating Caring Cultures.

It said the aim of the two-year programme was to “help nurse-led teams to create healthcare workplaces that are conducive to the delivery of high quality care and that provide a supportive place for staff to work.”

It will take place in the Medical Assessment Unit at the hospital, with a FoNS facilitator working with the team.

The different phases will include working with staff, patients and families; looking at the values and attitudes that influence practice; the environment in which the care is delivered and how that affects people.

They will also scrutinise the practise and processes for delivering patient care; the knowledge and skills of staff; leadership and resources to find out what works well and what needs to change.

Finally, the team will look to the future, identify specific changes that need to be made and make action plans.

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Deputy director of nursing Gary Etheridge said: “I am delighted that the Foundation of Nursing Studies has decided to work with us on this programme.

“It fits in perfectly with the work already taking place within the trust to improve the care we provide to our patients.”

He added: “The team in the Medical Assessment Unit are looking forward to working with the Foundation, and playing a part in a process which could eventually improve care in hospitals across the country.”