Patient gets £12k in out-of-court settlement with Romford dental practice

The X-ray shows Sukhvinder's badly decayed lower left second molar. 

The X-ray showing Sukhvinder's lower left second molar. - Credit: Sukhvinder Bahra

An IT consultant has been given £12,000 in an out-of-court settlement with a Romford dental practice.  

Sukhvinder Bahra was treated at Essex Family Dentalcare in Mawney Road between 2011 and 2017.

He contacted specialist solicitors Dental Law Partnership after he alleged to have “pain, discomfort and dental infections” after having a crown fitted.

Sukhvinder claimed an incorrect fitting resulted in “excruciating” pain and his tooth having to be extracted - something Essex Family Dentalcare dispute.

The law firm took on his case in 2018 and negotiated a £12,000 out-of-court settlement with practice owners I Levitan Services Ltd in 2021.

However, the owners have said they “do not agree with some of his assertions” and the team delivered "the very best NHS service" through the pandemic.

Sukhvinder alleged that shortly after having his crown fitted, it “broke off”, and he had to have it refitted multiple times, developing infections in the process.

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He said: “The process of removing and fitting the crown on so many occasions meant that no tooth was left to fit another crown too.  

“The only solution left was for me to get an implant, which meant enduring another painful procedure which shattered my trust in dentists.”  

A spokesperson for I Levitan Services Ltd said: “We are sorry that Mr Bahra felt disappointed with his tailored service from our practice.  

“Throughout the pandemic our team delivered the very best NHS service we could whilst following government guidance.”

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