NHS step in to help terminally ill as Havering care company collapses

The NHS had to step in after a care company for the terminally ill collapsed last week.

SureCare Havering, which employed 10 members of staff, ceased trading last Friday without warning.

The NHS took over the immediate care of 12 patients. But many workers have had their pay packets shortchanged, one employee claimed.

“I worked five weeks, but I only got paid �120, it should have been �1,100,” said special carer Tracy Niemierko. “Most of us have not been paid properly. We are all very upset. No-one seems to be able to help us.”

The company, based in Bryant Avenue, Harold Wood, is paid by Outer North East London (ONEL) NHS to provide palliative at-home care for the sick.

A spokesman for ONEL said: “Patient care is our top priority. We had no prior warning that it was about to cease trading last week, but thanks to the hard work of our staff we managed to secure alternative care for all 12 patients within 24 hours. We are closely monitoring and reviewing these arrangements with patients.

“We will continue to ensure that the care we commission meets the needs of patients and is at, or above, required standards and do all we can to help them with any concerns they have.”

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The Recorder has been unable to reach SureCare.

SureCare is a nationwide franchise but local branches such as SureCare Havering are run as independent companies.