‘Midwife told me to hurry up because shift was ending’ at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

A pregnant woman who was allegedly told by a midwife to hurry up giving birth because her shift was ending in 45 minutes, has spoken about her nightmare labour at Queen’s Hospital.

The damming story comes as Redbridge Local Improvement Network (LINk), a local health and social care group, last week released a 26-page report on maternity care at Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

The report, coupled with a Barking Havering & Redbridge Trust public meeting on Tuesday, prompted 26-year-old Eve Monroe to share her traumatic experience with the Recorder this week.

The former PA from South Woodford said her nightmare labour on January 2 has left lifelong emotional and physical scars, and despite making an official complaint in April, she still has not received a response from the hospital in Rom Valley Way.

Eve says she was treated with contempt by staff who did not even let her change out of a robe she had vomited on – for the entire six hour labour.

The young mum also claims when she asked for an epidural she was refused on the grounds they were short-staffed and it would be a 30-minute wait for the anaesthetist.

She said a drip was put in her arm should the anaesthetist arrive, yet during the labour the needle became twisted, causing blood to run down the side of the bed.

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Eve added: “She (the midwife) wasn’t being attentive. She just stood leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, telling me to ‘close your mouth, I don’t want to hear that noise’ and ‘hurry up, my shift is finished in 45-minutes and I’m tired and want to go home.’”

Eve claims the midwife also attempted to make an incision – to make it easier for the baby to come out –with a blunt knife.

She said: “She was struggling to make the incision and said ‘Jesus Christ, these scissors are blunt.’

“As soon as George was born she was gone. My partner had to go and find someone to stitch me up.

“I was torn in five places and later got two infections. I couldn’t sit down, walk, or bend for weeks.”

Her complaint was resubmitted by Leyton and Wansted MP John Cryer in July, yet she still hasn’t received acknowledgement from the hospital.

Eve, who also spoke to the Care Quality Commission which is investigating BHR Trust, said: “I don’t even want to take my baby into the hospital for his jabs. My trust in health professionals is zero. They’re ruining the experience of having a baby.”

Deborah Wheeler, director of nursing, said: “We didn’t receive the initial complaint from Ms Monroe, but will be replying to the complaint submitted on her behalf by her MP shortly. I want every woman to have a good experience of childbirth at Queen’s and I’m sorry to hear that we didn’t deliver this for Ms Monroe.

“Enormous work has taken place in recent months to improve our maternity services and the care that women receive.

“The local Havering LINk recently visited the maternity department at Queen’s and saw for themselves the improvements that been made.

“Our staff have been working extremely hard to make sure every woman has the best possible experience of our care, and have had lots of good feedback from women and their families over the past few months.

“We accept that there have been problems in maternity in the past, and we take any complaints extremely seriously, but it is important that women are able to feel confident in our services and know that they will receive the best possible care.”