'I thought I was dying': Havering mayor and deputy catch Covid

Havering deputy mayor cllr Christine Vickery was taken to Queen's Hospital with Covid-19

Havering deputy mayor cllr Christine Vickery was taken to Queen's Hospital with Covid-19 - Credit: Christine Vickery

The mayor of Havering and his deputy have both caught Covid-19, and are urging people in the borough to get vaccinated.

Deputy mayor Christine Vickery, 64, began to feel unwell last month at a council meeting on November 17. 

Two days later, Cllr Vickery - who has had two vaccines but not her booster - received a positive PCR result.

Cllr Mylod, who is in his 80s, has also tested positive for Covid-19.

Cllr Vickery told the Recorder: "I went to bed the day after I was diagnosed and didn't get up again for six days - I was crawling to the bathroom.

"I've always been so fit and do regular exercise so my pride was knocked off the shelf. I've never been so ill in my life.

"I thought I was dying, honestly I thought I had one foot in the grave."

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After a week in bed, and a visit from the paramedics, the deputy mayor said she felt better and tried to get up.

"I suddenly couldn't breathe or walk a few steps to the bathroom," she said.

The councillor was rushed to Queen's Hospital, where she was given intravenous steroids.

"It was like a light-switch, I could suddenly breathe again," she said.

"The staff at Queen's were absolutely fantastic, they worked around the clock caring for patients. Without the NHS, we are nothing.

"They deserve all the praise in the world for what they do. They are angels without wings."

The deputy has been recovering at home for the past week, and said the messages of support she has received made "all the difference".

"There's been so much love sent to me which has got me through this terrible time," cllr Vickery said.

"I was asked to do the Collier Row Christmas light switch on, which gave me something to focus on. I've been doing everything I can to get better.

"I cannot stress enough how much everyone needs to get the vaccine, to protect themselves and their families. Please get your jabs."