Ingatestone woman praises hospital after recovering from major stroke

Since recovering from a major stroke in 2011, Teresa Duke has begun riding a bike after being encour

Since recovering from a major stroke in 2011, Teresa Duke has begun riding a bike after being encouraged by her son Oliver. - Credit: Archant

A recovered stroke patient from Ingatestone has praised the fast hospital treatment that saved her from being “completely paralysed”.

Teresa Duke, 50, had a major stroke two years ago after feeling unwell whilst hanging out washing, and was rushed to Basildon Hospital in Nethermayne.

Speaking at a public awareness day at the hospital’s Postgraduate Medical Centre last Tuesday, the single mother spoke of her experience and thanked staff.

“I was in a bad way when I came in. I was totally paralysed on my left side and I could not hear or see,” said Teresa, a reflexologist,

“I remember thinking I would not be able to live like that, I would not be able to look after my son, Oliver, who was 11.”

Within 15 minutes of giving permission for doctors to use clot busting drugs, Teresa had movement back in her left side.

She said: “Hospital staff were cheering and high-fiving, it was so lovely seeing how much they cared.

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“But I didn’t know if I would be able to walk again and was still very frightened. I thought if I just got through the next 24 hours it would be okay. I was scared to go to sleep.

“I told a nurse and she sat with me through the night, in between looking after other patients. She even came back when she was off duty to see how I was.”

Three days later, Teresa was discharged from hospital and returned to her Brentwood home.

She added: “If I had not had this treatment I would be completely paralysed, or worse.

“I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough.”

The awareness day was organised by the stroke team at Basildon Hospital to inform people about prevention and after-stroke treatment.

“I want to tell people about my experience so they know how important it is to get to hospital quickly if there is a chance they have had a stroke,” said Teresa.

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