Hornchurch medical centre temporarily shut after legionella bacteria found

A spokesperson for the North East London Clinical Commissioning Group, which runs the Hornchurch medical centre

A spokesperson for the North East London Clinical Commissioning Group, which runs the Hornchurch medical centre, announced the discovery of the bacteria following a test of the water supply - Credit: Google

Hornchurch medical centre is closed until further notice after bacteria which can cause a "very serious" disease was found in the water supply. 

The North East London Clinical Commissioning Group (NEL CCG) announced the Billet Lane centre’s closure on Saturday (May 14) after legionella bacteria was found during a routine test of the water supply. 

If droplets of water containing this bacteria are inhaled,  it can cause a lung infection called Legionnaires’ disease.  

While not everyone will become sick from Legionnaires’, when illness does occur, it can be “very serious", and may require treatment, the NHS says. 

A spokesperson for the NEL CCG said it is not aware of anyone who has contracted the disease, and reiterated that the majority of people exposed to it will not become ill. 

However, anyone experiencing any symptoms or who feels unwell should call 111. 

The spokesperson added: “Anyone registered with Hornchurch Healthcare and Billet Lane Medical Practice requiring a face-to-face appointment will be seen at another nearby surgery.

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"Patients due to have appointments at either surgery will be contacted directly.” 

Those needing an appointment should continue to contact their practice as normal, with out-of-hours health services available via 111.