Free giveaway: Bereaved Hornchurch man to distribute new invention created while wife was terminally ill

Barry and Patricia Newton

Barry Newton with his wife of 52 years, Patricia - Credit: Barry Newton

A Hornchurch husband who created a turning aid to care for his terminally ill wife at home is now giving them out for free. 

Barry Newton has spent around £8,000 to create the Newton’s Roller, which helps carers turn patients over in bed.  

He spent two years caring for his wife of 52 years, Patricia, before she died aged 74 on May 9 last year from a brain tumour. 

Barry said his wife, who had two brain operations, was “very brave” through her diagnosis.

In a bid to see his product help others, Barry is giving out his design for free - in exchange for feedback - to people who live in the Havering area.

Newton's Roller

Barry created Newton's Roller to help turn his wife over in bed - Credit: Barry Newton

He said: “The Newton’s Roller is easy to use, hygienic and comfortable for the patient.  

“If you decide you want your loved one to stay home and be cared for, and there are situations where you need to roll them over, this is the ideal product.”  

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The 75-year-old designed Newton’s Roller because he wanted to nurse his wife at home when, towards the end of her life, she became “completely disabled”.  

He said: “I had to roll her over in bed for different medical requirements as she couldn’t hold herself on her side.”  

Patricia would get bed sores, and Barry's turning aid allowed him to prop her up on her side for up to an hour to relieve her pain.  

The device is made of close-density medical foam, so it can be wiped down with hygiene wipes, and has been made for at-home careers to complete tasks such as changing the sheets and it also aids in administering certain medications.  

Newtons Roller

The Newton's Roller packaging - Credit: Barry Newton

Once Barry has received feedback on his product, he will look to sell it with all profits going to Saint Francis Hospice, where he has already donated a couple of Newton’s Rollers.  

He also raises money for the hospice yearly by organising events, and last September collected £6,500. 

Barry has 90 rollers left. 

Anyone who is interested in testing the Newton Roller should email Barry at