‘This group saved my life’: Frankie’s Facebook support group helps 24,000 women

Frankie Stringer

The girls behind the group, from left: Frankie Stringer, Carlie Light and Billie Light. - Credit: Frankie Stringer

A Harold Hill woman has started a women’s support Facebook group which now has more than 24,000 members.

Frankie Stringer, who is pregnant and also has an autistic son, has suffered depression and anxiety for a while. During the first lockdown, concerned that the isolation may affect her mental health, on a whim she set up Girls Who Support Girls.

The group supports women with anything whether they are feeling low and need someone to talk to, need legal advice, are are experiencing domestic abuse, grief or homelessness.

Frankie, 25, said: “Some of the stories have left me sobbing, it’s heartbreaking.”

“It’s just about helping women know they not alone. People speak about things they have never spoken about before.

“With everyone trapped indoors, a lot of people are struggling with their mental health more than ever. Some of things are really hard to read. At home, you feel like you’re the only single mum with problems.

“You don’t realise how many other women there are that share your issues. A lot of them feel they can talk a lot more openly on the group than they can with their friends.

“I have met lovely people and made great friends, it makes me feel better about myself. As much as it helps others, I’ve become reliant on it hugely and it also gives me something to focus on.”

Once a month, Frankie and her sisters-in-law, Billie and Carlie Light who run the group, nominate three people to send flowers to. They say they nominate someone who has either been through an especially hard time that month or someone who’s done something significant for the community. They also do games, quizzes and raffles together, none of which is done for profit.

Now, have garnered lots of members and built up a community, Frankie hopes to start doing charity events in the new year to raise awareness and create support for women’s mental health.

Frankie says that although the group started with mainly members from Havering, it now has people from across the globe from Canada, the USA and Australia.

Need a fellow female to hear you? Go to facebook.com/groups/258270441972222

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