Coronavirus: Daughter praises ‘amazing’ Queen’s Hospital and community following mum’s death after contracting Covid-19

Frances Nolan, 82, who died after contracting coronavirus. Picture: Nolan family

Frances Nolan, 82, who died after contracting coronavirus. Picture: Nolan family - Credit: Nolan family

A daughter has praised staff at Queen’s Hospital for the care provided to her mum, who died after contracting coronavirus.

Julie Nolan-Day said the Romford hospital was “amazing” in the way it looked after her mother Frances Nolan, who had been staying on Bluebell B ward.

Frances, 82, passed away on Tuesday, April 7 despite Julie describing her as a fit and healthy woman.

The hospital allowed Julie’s sister Ann to be by her bedside in spite of a temporary suspension of visitors to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Julie said: “They were really good with my sister. My mum said to my sister, ‘They cared so well for me’.”

It is a particularly traumatic time for the family as Frances’ husband Jimmy, 93, is also unwell with Covid-19.

The couple would have reached their 60th wedding anniversary in June and the family had planned a big celebration to mark the occasion.

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Julie described her mum as “the life and soul of Elm Park” and said she had so much love in the community.

She added: “We are in deep, deep grief. Life as we knew it has gone. We have lost a pillar of our community.

“My mum was incredible to me. She was the strongest person. She always said there is someone worse off than us. Her legacy will live on in the community.”

Frances, who had five children, worked as a carer and also helped out at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Hornchurch.

She was also “extremely involved” with St Alban Church in Elm Park, Julie said, and ran a club for pensioners there.

Julie has received messages from people who had been helped by her mum and said: “I would like people to know that we are so grateful for all their support and love.”

Mothers of children who play for the under 13s team at Upminster Rugby Club, where Julie’s boys play, have delivered breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for the family.

They also donated Easter eggs for Julie’s children, as well as flowers and drinks.

Julie, who is caring for Jimmy with her sister Ann, said: “Their kindness, compassion and love at this time shows no end. Community spirit at its best.

“It has been amazing what these mums have done and the whole community helping and caring for our every need.”