Daughter of dead Hornchurch woman urges people to get on organ donor list

A woman whose mother died suddenly is asking others to consider the benefits of organ donation.

Diane Addis suffered a sudden cerebral aneurysm three years ago.

She collapsed at her Hornchurch home and was rushed to Queen’s Hospital where she was put on life support, but never regained consciousness.

Her daughter Helen Slater said: “We were taken to the family room, and the consultant told us that mum was brain dead.

“I just immediately asked whether mum could be an organ donor. I didn’t even think about it – the words just came out of my mouth.”

Diane’s heart, lungs, liver and kidneys were given to others who needed them.

Helen said: “Mum was my everything. I still miss her every day. She was the most generous person I’ve ever come across, and in death she did the same. I will always hold that in my heart.”

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She added: “We got a wonderful letter from a woman whose daughter received one of the kidneys.

“We don’t know who she is but she said that it had turned her life around.”

Helen knew that her mum carried an organ donor card, and is urging others to do the same and to discuss the issue with their families.

“It is so important to try and think of other people, even when you are so desperately sad yourself.

“Knowing how appalling it is to lose someone that you love so much, I want to do everything I could to prevent another family from going through that pain.

“I believe organ donation is the greatest and most selfless gift anybody could ever give and I know my Mum would have supported my decision that day in the hospital wholeheartedly.”

She added: “The hospital’s neurosurgical team and transplant team were absolutely amazing, and I will always remember that.”