Brentwood Community Hospital ‘a model for the country’ says Andrew Lansley

Health secretary Andrew Lansley said that Brentwood Community Hospital could provide a model for health services across the country.

The minister visited the Crescent Drive site last Friday, to look at the haematology services developed since the hospital opened in 2008.

He spoke to talk to patients and staff about their experiences within the blood-medicine services while taken on a tour of the unit by Dr Andrew Hughes, the hospital’s consultant community haematologist.

They were accompanied by representatives of North East London NHS Foundation Trust – which provides community services in the area – and NHS South West Essex, the primary care trust.

The facility aims to give patients and their GPs direct access to a range of high-quality haematology services including outside of the hospital.

Mr Lansley said: “This is an excellent example of how consultants, GPs and health trusts can work together to deliver high quality, accessible services in the community.

“This project has not only given patients better care but realised savings for the NHS – and I would like to develop a similar model, where appropriate, across the country.”

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Dr Hughes said: “We were very pleased to hear that Andrew Lansley wanted to visit us.

“The services can be rapidly accessed by local GPs and provide convenient, high quality, local treatment for patients decreasing the need for hospital attendances.”