Havering's young people voice concerns about global warming

Buckets of recovered waste. Picture: Jacob King

Some youngsters called for an improvement in handling waste and recycling - Credit: PA

Young people in Havering have voiced their concerns about global warming in a recent survey.  

A total of 262 young people, aged between 11 and 25, took part in the study, commissioned by Havering Council as part of the Havering Youth Climate Change Summit.  

The survey found global warming to be a concern for 63 per cent of those who answered, while 61pc said they are worried about air and water pollution.  

Four out of five who were concerned about air and water pollution said this had influenced them to take public transport to school, instead of travelling in a car.  

The loss of ecosystems and wildlife habitats worried 56pc of the respondents.  

Of those quizzed, 89pc said they were already recycling glass and plastics, while 54pc said they sometimes avoided single use plastics.  

The most popular suggestion was the want for an improvement in handling waste and recycling in the future, with 23 per cent asking for improved recycling in Havering.