Havering tenants spend half their wages on rent

Havering residents are forking out half their wages on rent, a new report has revealed.

Private tenants in the borough are paying an average �995 per week for a three-bedroom house, putting Havering in the ‘very unaffordable’ category according to homeless charity Shelter.

The report found tenants in the borough are putting 49 per-cent of their wage towards paying rent, with that figure rising to 75 per-cent for a four-bedroom house.

A two-bedroom flat in Havering will also set you back an average �832 per week, eating up 43 per-cent of your salary.

The Shelter report places Havering as the 65th most unaffordable borough in England.

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The number one was inner west London’s Kensington & Chelsea, where a two-bedroom flat would eat into 89 per-cent of your wage.

While the report admits “there is no standard or official definition of housing affordability in England,” it adds that “the mayor of London has issued guidance which suggests that for the social sector, rents and service charges should cost no more than 30 per-cent of net household income.”

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