Havering’s green garden sacks going to waste claims councillor

A COUNCILLOR has branded green waste sacks as a waste of money after it emerged the 100,000 bags that are sold every year are not composted.

Cllr Clarence Barrett (Residents’ Group, Cranham) is angry that residents are paying �1.10 each for the green waste sacks because they believe that they are being composted, when they are being treated the same way as black refuse bags.

Cllr Barrett said: “Residents may well be under the impression that the contents of the sack are composted in the same way as green wheelie bins.

“However, this is not the case as they are collected with the black sacks, treated the same as black sacks and share the same fate as the black sacks – so how do they cost �1.10 each.”

The fate of the green waste sacks was revealed as part of a question asked to the cabinet member for Environment, Cllr Barry Tebbutt by Clarence Barrett at the full council meeting on October 21.

The meeting also heard that just a small amount of the green waste sacks are recycled, while the majority end up in landfill.

Cllr Barrett said: “While some of the contents may be recycled, the rest is sent to landfill thereby attracting landfill tax payments.”

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Cllr Barry Tebbutt said the council’s officers are now working at a cost benefit analysis report for consideration, based on the green sacks being collected separately in degradable sacks and delivered directly for composting.

He has also argued that residents can get their green waste composted at home, taken free of charge to the Gerpins Lane Refuse and Recycling Centre, Rainham, or residents can subscribe to the green bin collection and composting service which is a cheaper alternative, than green sack collections.

Cllr Barrett said: “I am pleased that in response to my question that the council is now looking at alternatives that will ensure the green waste bags are composted rather than wasted.”

Cllr Tebbutt said: “Havering is a very diverse borough and some services will always appeal more to some residents than others, especially with the green waste sacks.

“We are trying to make the green wheelie bins more cost affective, but there are some people who prefer to have green waste sacks rather than wheelie bins.”

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