Havering’s first club for young adults with autism to be launched

A charity wants to set up a club for adults with autism to help address the lack of facilities for young people wth disabilities in Havering.

Romford Autistic Support Group (RAGS) is due to launch the new youth club on Thursday June 14 at the Myplace in Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill.

Founder Anne Myatt said: “It is going to be a normal club for young adults, but the difference is that everyone there will be on the autistic spectrum.”

The club will take place every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm and it will be an opportunity for the adults to meet other people.

RAGS are hoping to be able to fund the club for six months, but are also holding a number of fundraising activities to pay for the support workers who will be needed to run the club.

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Anne said: “We are going to have to launch a fundraising appeal so that we have enough money to run the club, but it is something that is desperatly needed and the young people really deserve it.”

Anne came up with the idea of launching a club for young adults with autism because she believes that there is a lack of facilities in the area.

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Havering Council is currently looking at making changes to the process for the transition of young people with disabilities from children to adult services.

A meeting is due to be held with Positive Parents Havering on Thursday May 17 asking for comments and suggestions about the service.

Anne said: “If a young person is severely disabled then there is plenty for them, but if they are in the middle then they might be given two days a week at college.

“This makes things difficult for their parents because they have to find something for them the rest of the week.”

She added: “Young people with autism are just the same as other young people in that they want to have fun, but they may lack the social skills to go to the pub.

“We are hoping that the club helps to build their confidence and it could even be the start of them building strong relationships.”

Visit rags-havering.co.uk

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