Havering residents more likely to have jobs than other Londoners

Havering’s workforce is faring better than the rest of London, with unemployment rates remaining low.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the borough has reached 5,210, according to figures released today.

The number accounts for 3.5 per-cent of eligible workers in Havering, lower than the London average of 4.3 per-cent. It was also lower than the national average of 3.8 per-cent.

However the number of young people in Havering (aged 18 to 24) claiming job seeker’s allowance was slightly higher than the rest of the Capital.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 1,490 young people were claiming benefits, or 7.5 per-cent. The London average was 7.4 per-cent.

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Havering appears to be bucking the national trend, with a whopping 2.49 million people in the UK now unemployed – the highest level since February 2010.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling admitted that the latest unemployment data was disappointing, saying the road to recovery “would be choppy.”

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He added: “Clearly this has been a difficult few months, with a range of one-off factors and a slowdown in the world economy having an impact on the UK.”

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