Havering pupils raise �3,000 for a new water shelter in Ethiopia

Havering school children went without food and shelter for 24-hours to raise money for a new water shelter in Ethiopia.

Pupils from The Albany and Marshalls Park Schools braved the wind and rain to raise �3,000 between them and are planning to visit the families in Bekoji, Ethiopia, who will benefit from the new project next July.

Conor Christian, 14, from The Albany, said: “It was absolutely freezing but Id happily do it all again, it was a great experience and for such a good cause.”

Jackie Brown, a teacher at the school, said: “Although the weather turned from autumn to winter that night we agreed we were the lucky ones to return to comfort the following day.

“We look forward now to providing comfort to those in the Ethiopian community by providing clean drinking water.”

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Assistant headteacher Gary Wimbush said: “The students from each school did amazingly well especially as they managed to raise �3000 between them; they are a real credit.

“This was an ideal opportunity for these students to get to know one another and develop teambuilding skills that will stand them in good stead while abroad.

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“Before the students leave in July they will also get basic training in first aid, masonry, decorating and carpentry and hopefully use these skills to benefit the lives of those less fortunate.”

If you want to support the project and donate money to help provide clean drinking water you can log on to www.standby.me/projects/water-filter-project-for-families-in-bekoiji.

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