Havering NHS worker proud of Olympic Opening Ceremony role

Denise Mortimer, 47, from Rush Green, is a former NHS employee who worked in HR and public health departments.

She recently ended her 13 year career to become a life coach and was part of the NHS scene of the Olympic opening ceremony.

She said: “I was selected for the ceremony back in January and the first rehearsal was starting in April. It was exciting but seemed like it was ages away. But the last few weeks have been Olympic fever.

“The last few rehearsals were very, very intense. We were putting in long hours and a lot of physical work. It was a big learning experience. But we developed friendships that will last a life time.

“At the ceremony we were backstage and we had our kids with us, and my particular group of people were doing a warm up and we were having loads of fun backstage. When certain music ended we knew it was only a few minutes before we go on. It was euphoria.

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“We were checking each other were okay. There was amazing camaraderie with everyone cheering each other on. You feel so proud and on top of the world.

“Because you’re so involved in what you’re doing, your focus is to deliver the best dance routine. This is the one chance to get it absolutely right. Hearing the cheers was absolutely amazing. It was just like ‘wow, this is all for us’.

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“I feel tearful thinking about it. It feels quite amazing. This is a piece of history and even walking back from the stadium that night I was on cloud nine. We were over the moon and so proud. I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet.”

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