Havering Museum’s festive season gets off to a cracking start with poetry recital

HAVERING’S poets kick started the festive season in Havering Museum with a special poetry recital last week.

About ten members of the Havering Poetry Club shared their seasonal and heritage poetry at the Museum in High Street, Romford last Thursday December 9.

The Museum’s Heritage Officer, Michelle Johansen said: “It was just like a traditional family Christmas with people huddled around without any Christmas lights but just the spoken word.”

The readings took place in the exhibition space of the Museum, before moving into the main space where the visitors could gather around to listen to the works.

It also saw the poets dressed up in their Medieval costume to give the poetry a authentic feel.

One of the poets, Alexandra Wilde said: “I think all the poems were really well received and there were lots of happy responses from the public.

“It was delightful because we had a range of people reading different poems from over the years so there was romantic poems and it was a real mix.”

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Havering Poetry Club meet once a month at the Hornchurch Library under the direction of Viv Hill at the Library services.

Many of the poets have also had their poems compiled in the Havering Poets Anthology 2010.