Havering MPs give mixed reaction to Queen's Speech

Queen's speech reaction

The MPs for Romford and Dagenham and Rainham respectively, Andrew Rosindell and Jon Cruddas, have given their reaction to the Queen's Speech. - Credit: Andrew Rosindell and Pawel Szewczyk

The recent Queen's Speech has prompted a mixed response from Havering's MPs.

Romford representative Andrew Rosindell and Jon Cruddas - speaking on behalf of Dagenham and Rainham - shared their views after the Monarch had outlined the government's legislative agenda for the coming year. 

While Mr Rosindell thought Tuesday's (May 11) speech was "bold and ambitious", Mr Cruddas felt certain aspects could have "disastrous consequences" for his constituents. 

One of the objectives of that agenda is to "deliver a national recovery from the pandemic" by way of creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.

Romford's long-serving MP believes the programme will fulfill that aim. 

"This is a Queen's Speech from a government truly dedicated to the priorities of the people of this great country, including our community here in Romford.

"It is a legislative programme to ensure we build back better and stronger from the pandemic. People in Romford don't care about the woke agenda being pushed by a small band of over-privileged left-wing activists.

"We care about ensuring Queen's Hospital is well staffed and resources. We care about our local high street and ensuring that everyone has a good, well-paid job. We care about keeping Havering safe. We care about ensuring that everyone has access to education and training."

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With these priorities in mind, Mr Rosindell was pleased by promises of legislative reform to both the education and health sectors.

By contrast, Mr Cruddas was concerned by the inclusion of wholesale reforms to the planning system.

Under these new plans, areas will be designated for protection, regeneration or growth, with those in the latter category more likely to be developed.

The MP had previously warned of these reforms, stating in March that should they materialise, South Hornchurch would become "a dumping ground for Whitehall targets".

Two months later and his view is unchanged: "The Queen’s Speech has opened the door to a 'developers' charter' ripping up the ability of local communities to control overdevelopment and allowing developers a free reign."

Arguing that these changes will compound an already-difficult situation, Mr Cruddas fears the result will be a Dagenham and Rainham where "many more homes" are unaffordable for local families.

He also questioned the lack of plans to resolve the "unfolding social care crisis", and to protect workers' rights.

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