Havering Cyclists joins biking buddy-up initiative

Havering Cyclists members Jeff Stafford (L) and Terry Hughes (R) have added their names to the open

Havering Cyclists - members Jeff Stafford (L) and Terry Hughes (R) pictured - has launched a new initiative which puts new riders in touch with those who are more experienced. - Credit: Havering Cyclists

Cyclists in Havering have joined an initiative which pairs up experienced riders with newcomers to the sport.

The Cycle Buddies scheme will see Havering Cyclists match seasoned riders with those less so; they may be entirely new or returning to the saddle after time away. 

Though a first for Havering, Cycle Buddies already runs in a number of boroughs across the capital as part of the London Cycling Campaign.

Havering Cyclists' Jeff Stafford told the Recorder: “Through the Covid lockdown we saw many more people cycling in Havering but as things eased and higher levels of traffic resumed, we saw that lots of those people being discouraged by having to ride in traffic.

"But then we heard about Cycle Buddy groups being set up in other London Boroughs, and so we thought we’d start one here in Havering. The aim is simply to help people get on their bikes.”

To get involved, visit haveringcyclists.org/cycle-buddies/ or contact Terry Hughes at terence.hughes@btinternet.com/07795 981 529.

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