Havering councillor launches petition against increase in the Dartford Crossing toll

A COUNCILLOR has launched a petition against the Government’s decision to increase the Dartford Crossing toll.

Clarence Barret (Cranham, Residents’ Group) set up the petition against the increase from �1.50 to �2 next year for commuters using the bridge.

He said: “The government insist they need to raise the toll in order to fund investment into the necessary technology and to help pay for a new crossing.

“This is a ludicrous argument, while the physical removal of the tolls is welcome, this is nothing more than a stealth tax to raise even more cash from road users.”

The toll is also set to increase in 2012 to �2.50.

He said: “The way forward is to remove the booths, abolish the toll and let the traffic flow freely - in every sense of the word - over the crossing”.

The petition can be found at www.haveringra.com