Havering Council working with businesses to help mums feel confident breastfeeding in public

A project aimed at helping mums feel more confident about breastfeeding when they’re out and about in the borough has been launched by Havering Council and the local NHS.

The Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme aims to encourage local businesses such as cafes and restaurants to sign up and become a welcoming place for new mums and babies.

One of the first venues to get involved was Romford caf� Taste. The caf� now has a sticker with the Breastfeeding Friendly logo situated in its front window, so mums will know it is a welcoming place for breastfeeding.

Jill Martin, who launched the caf� with husband Richard five years ago, said: “I have a 22-month-old myself and am expecting my second baby in September so I am very pro supporting mums while they’re out and about.

“Our caf� is all about being welcoming and feeling like a home away from home so we want mums to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. It’s completely natural and healthy.”

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First-time mum Claire Wallace-Jones, of Gidea Park, who has son Milo, nine months, praised the scheme for helping women to feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding in public.

She said: “I think the scheme is good because it’s important that mums feel comfortable and welcome to breastfeed in public places.

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“Most of my friends have breastfed so it was normal to me but it isn’t to everyone and I hope schemes like this will make it more common and accepted in public places.

“Hopefully it will help to make it less of a taboo. It’s good to know Taste is supportive of it.”

Businesses interested in joining the scheme can email: breastfeeding@havering.gov.uk.

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