'Amazing achievement': Havering reacts to Euros 2020 to condemn racism

Imma DaLleshi

Imma DaLleshi and daughter Bailey enjoyed the Euro 2020 match - Credit: Imma DaLleshi

The Havering community has celebrated England’s success in the Euros 2020, despite losing the tournament to Italy. 

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas said manager Gareth Southgate and his squad showed the country “the right spirit” and a “real sense of unity”. 

He added: “It was an amazing achievement from a young and talented England squad to reach the Euros final, they gave the country a real lift after so many months of darkness.

Jon Cruddas MP

Jon Cruddas called it an 'amazing achievement' - Credit: Richard Townshend Photography - Official Parliamentary Portrait


“[It was a] real shame that we couldn't quite win the final but we can certainly look forward to next year's World Cup with real hope.” 

Local resident Tom Mccarthy, who moved to Romford last year, admitted he wasn’t a football fan but ended up watching the Euros tournament. 

He said: “This team are totally different, they conducted themselves well.

“I really got interested, they really have done well and, fingers crossed, will win titles in the future.” 

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Romford MP Andrew Rosindell agreed, saying the team “did our nation proud”. 

“We all feel a little bit better about English football now than we did a month ago and that’s something to celebrate," he added. 

“For too long England has been timid about our national identity and whilst it should not be defined on the basis of a sport alone, I have long campaigned to see the St George's Cross flying across our green and pleasant land.  

Andrew Rosindell in countryside

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell said Londoners had embraced the flag - Credit: Andrew Rosindell

“How wonderful it has been to see it displayed so proudly this past month.  

“My one request to the people of Romford and England as we celebrate the team’s achievements and mourn the final hurdle - let’s keep the flag flying and celebrate England all year round, not just for football.” 

Another local resident, Imma DaLleshi, enjoyed the match with her one-year-old daughter Bailey at Romford’s The Mawney Arms. 

The mother-of-two stressed how disappointed she was in the racism players received following their defeat against Italy. 

Imma DaLleshi

One-year-old Bailey sported an England shirt for the match - Credit: Imma DaLleshi

Imma said: “The racism is not good. 

“These boys are the same age as my older daughter.  

“You can’t support someone all day then be nasty when it goes wrong.” 

Rainham-based Rachel Baker added: “They played really well, and it’s such a shame that racism is flying around because they lost. 

Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker condemned racism aimed at England players - Credit: Rachel Baker

“We are all human beings, and it’s actually quite disgusting what they are facing.

“The players helped a lot of people who were struggling throughout lockdown, and racism shouldn’t be a part of this.” 

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