Havering baby who survived window fall dubbed “miracle child”

The mother of a Havering toddler who survived a fall from a first floor window with just cuts and bruises has called her daughter a “miracle baby.”

The 20-month-old girl was flown to the Royal London Hospital by air ambulance after the accident in Noak Hill last Saturday (April 15).

But to the astonishment of nursing staff, the little girl was soon running around the ward and was discharged early.

Her mother, who did not want to be named, said she was “overwhelmed” at the recovery.

She said: “She’s a one in a million child, she’s a miracle baby.

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“We’re just happy she’s ok, I get upset just talking about it, I was so worried.”

The toddler fell from a window at the back of the house on Church Road around 7.30am.

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Luckily, she tumbled through a fig tree by the house that broke her fall before she hit the ground.

Her relieved parents are hoping she doesn’t get up to any more daredevil antics.

Her mother said: “She’s a very intelligent girl and she’s tough. But she’d better not do that again.”

She is not the first local youngster to have a lucky escape. In 2009, a four-year-old boy survived a fall from a second-floor flat in Rainham without so much as a bruise.

Teniole Ballo landed in a muddy vegetable patch after tumbling out of his bedroom window at flats in Bader Way.

Mum Nike Salami said: “Some thought he was dead and some could not believe it and had to come and see it with their own eyes.”

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