London elections: Havering and Redbridge candidates make case for your vote

People jog along the riverside path past Tower Bridge and City Hall in London.

Elections for the London Assembly, which sits at City Hall, take place on May 6. - Credit: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire/PA Images

With less than a month to go until polling day, the candidates to represent the Havering and Redbridge constituency on the London Assembly make their case as to why you should vote for them.

The assembly elections are taking place on the same day as the capital decides on the next mayor of London on Thursday, May 6.

This paper asked each of those standing in Havering and Redbridge what they would do to improve the lives of residents in those boroughs if elected.

Here's what they had to say.

Thomas Clarke

Thomas Clarke. - Credit: Thomas Clarke

Thomas Clarke - Liberal Democrats

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The Liberal Democrats have a plan to take London forward by concentrating on jobs, homes and clean air.

We will put high streets back in the heart of the community, creating decent jobs and protecting local businesses.

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To tackle the housing crisis, we will convert empty offices into quality and affordable homes.

We will clean the air that all our families breathe by scrapping the polluting Silvertown Tunnel and investing the savings into greener public transport.

A vote for me is a vote for a local passionate campaigner who will give your issues a voice and take London forward.

Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins. - Credit: Green Party

Melanie Collins - Green Party

It’s clear that London needs a new start. We can choose to vote for the same business-as-usual politics or choose change and vote for the Green Party.

I’m passionate about fixing our housing crisis, but also protecting our Green Belt.

That’s why our proposal for a People’s Land Commission is so important. We can build so many new homes on old garages and industrial land instead of eroding our precious green spaces.

We need swift action on the climate emergency. The Green Party has a clear plan to make London carbon neutral by 2030.

Judith Garfield

Judith Garfield. - Credit: Joshua Garfield

Judith Garfield - Labour Party

Everybody in Havering and Redbridge deserves better representation in City Hall.

My priorities will be championing everything I have been hearing from residents - more police, better transport, a greener London and investment for our high streets.

I will fight hard to ensure our boroughs are heard and our needs properly addressed.

We must demand the best deal for our outer London boroughs and ensure the post-pandemic recovery is fairer for our communities to rebuild their livelihoods. 

I live here in the constituency, meaning your priorities are my priorities. With your vote, I can promise a brighter future for Havering and Redbridge.

Keith Prince

Keith Prince. - Credit: Keith Prince

Keith Prince - Conservative Party

I am the only candidate who can honestly claim to have a close association with both boroughs, having been born and raised in Havering and lived much of my adult life in Redbridge with my own family.

I served as a councillor in both boroughs and as leader of Redbridge Council.

I have spent the last five years working hard for residents.  

I encouraged both boroughs to provide a weekend registrar service for Jewish and Muslim communities. I have supported local charities in securing grants, while helping the homeless has also been one of my priorities.

I will continue to press for more action to reduce crime, push for better transport provision and more affordable homes for residents.

Richard Tice

Richard Tice. - Credit: Stuart Mitchell

Richard Tice - ReformUK

I will campaign relentlessly for Havering and Redbridge, being a man of action not waffle.

Jobs: let's reopen London and get people working again, especially the self-employed. We must never lockdown again as the collateral damage is huge.

Traffic: the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) extension will harm businesses and the lowest paid. Low-traffic neighbourhood schemes opposed by residents must be stopped as they cause extra pollution and huge inconvenience.

Policing: bobbies should be on our streets, not worrying about tweets.

Culture: let's save our statues, our heritage.

Vaccine passports must be stopped for domestic use.

Hard work, focus and action is what I stand for.

Andy Walker

Andy Walker. - Credit: Andy Walker

Andy Walker - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Evidence, teamwork and advocacy are the key to changing communities for the better.

I have a track record of combining all these to influence decision-makers.

My work on the campaign to save King George A&E and to stop the "Tesco Toxic Towers" [Tesco site development in Goodmayes] as part of a team is at and

My own campaigning work focusses on obtaining death statistics at King George and Queen's hospitals and illness correlated near to roads.

This information will help the campaigns to stop the Tesco high rise development and build the new wing for King George.

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