Have UFOs come to watch the Olympic Games...via Havering?

People from across the globe have flocked to London for the Olympics - but there are rumours afoot that visitors from further afield have turned up for the action too.

The Recorder has received several calls from concerned residents reporting sightings of an “alien” craft hovering slowly above Havering, since the beginning of the Games on Friday July 27.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I was out for a walk with a friend at about midnight last night [Monday] when we saw the UFO. It was moving really slowly and it was metallic, reflective, and had red lights on it.”

She added: “I’m pretty sceptical about these things but it definitely wasn’t a plane. It was quite spooky.”

But residents needn’t worry, the mysterious slow-moving object is very likely the Goodyear blimp, The Spirit of Safety, which US broadcasters NBC has hired to capture aerial views of the Games.

The craft is based at Damyns Hall aerodrome, in Aveley Road, Upminster, and is due to fly every day of the Games, weather permitting.

A spokesman for Goodyear said: “The blimp is illuminated from within and can appear as different colours due to a range of weather factors, including cloud cover. We are sure what people are seeing is indeed our blimp.”

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She added: “The blimp was making its way back to Damyns Hall at around midnight on Monday.”

The airship has already caused a stir following the Opening Ceremony after shots were captured of a mysterious milky-coloured object floating above the Olympic Stadium, in Stratford.

Goodyear confirmed it was the blimp with its distinctive logo removed to adhere to the Games’ strict advertising code.