Ghost sightings: 'Most haunted' Havering places

A view of the stocks in the villiage of Havering.

A view of the stocks, which were used to punish people for crimes, in Havering. - Credit: PA

Do you believe in ghosts? 

Here are some Havering locations where alleged paranormal activity has been reported - take a read and decide for yourself:  

Brookside Theatre  

Is this footage of a “ghost” in this Romford theatre, on Eastern Road, enough to convince the non-believers?

Rainham Hall  

According to the Great British Ghost Tour group, Rainham Hall - which was built in 1729 - remains haunted to this day.  

The Edwardian owner, Colonel Herbert Hall Mulliner, allegedly became “so attached” to the hall that he continues to visit in his other-worldly form.

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However, the group insist he is a “friendly” ghost.  

Upminster Golf Club  

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Ghostly project website Paranormal Databases lists Upminster Golf Club as a place of reported activity.  

According to the site, a “young girl in a white dress” is often seen.

Allegedly, she was believed to have been kidnapped, mistreated, later killed and “finally bricked up behind a wall". 

The girl is said to haunt the first-floor hallway of the club.  

Carmel King, author of ghost story book - Haunted Essex, also believes this legend to be true.  

Bretons Manor 

This Grade II-listed manor, located in Rainham, is a site of great paranormal activity, according to ghost investigators Essex and Kent Paranormal Society.  

Alleged sightings and experiences listed by the group include a lady in white being seen “on a number of occasions” on the lower half of the stairs.  

On “at least two occasions”, the investigators claim, Roman soldiers had been seen by employees walking through walls in the basement.  

Another staff member apparently heard a party going on in room six, but when he opened the door - the room fell silent.  

The group claimed one of its investigations saw a “man with long hair and a smiling face” in the basement.  

Dagnam Park  

According to the Friends of Dagnam Park, ghosts of a large Victorian house named The Priory could remain despite the structure being demolished in 1956.  

The group say the building, which was located on the western edge of the park, was known to “local people” as the “ghost house”.

It says servants would never stay at the house for long due to “strange noises” at night.  

Apparently, doors would “open and shut loudly” in the dead of night and “other strange things” would happen.  

Another legend shared by the group stems from the 1950s when a “white lady” would haunt the woods near the Priory.  

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