Harold Wood man finds “James Bond job” on government wesite

A Harold Wood man searching for jobs on the DirectGov website last week made a surprising find – a call for candidates interested in becoming a spy.

The post, later revealed to be a hoax, called for super sleuths to take on the role of “target elimination specialist” and help rid the government of certain “individuals”.

The job, which had a reference code of 007, was described as being “particularly appropriate for those who like their Martinis shaken and not stirred.”

Kim Reading, 56, of Juniper Way, made the discovery when searching for jobs on the website.

“I was looking for jobs in Romford and this post came up. As I started reading the application I thought it couldn’t be for real,” he said.

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“I wasn’t sure until I came across the 007 reference, then I realised it was a big joke.”

For those who fancy themselves as the next James Bond, the post promised “necessary equipment” such as jet packs, mini-submarines and the spy’s weapon of choice, a Walter PPK.

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Applicants would be given the chance to travel around the world, with the job involving international jet setting to a number of countries to “remove” targets.

Anyone interested in the role was advised to apply “in the vicinity of the large and rather fake-looking rock in Regents Park.”

“I thought it was hilarious, a really good laugh,” said Kim. “I am quite a big James Bond fan so I saw the funny side immediately.”

However, the posting was For Kim’s Eyes Only as it was taken down less than a day after it appeared on the site on November 22.

And it seems MI6 has not fallen on hard times and resorted to using DirectGov to find another Daniel Craig.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman explained the application was the work of Internet pranksters and that the position was not real.

The spokesman said: “It is disappointing that somebody would want to post a false advert when people are looking for real jobs.”

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