Harold Wood girl’s planning plea to Boris

A PASSIONATE girl has written a letter to the London Mayor urging him to reconsider the plans to build homes on the former Harold Wood Hospital site.

Molly Colls, 12 from Sussex Avenue, Harold Wood penned the letter to Boris Johnson last week after attending a planning meeting on the controversial plans to build on the site in Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood.

Molly’s mum, Linda Colls said: “I was really surprised at the affect that the planning meeting had on her and I just could not believe that it is something that she feels so passionate about.”

Molly, who attends Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School was inspired to write to Boris after attending her first planning meeting last Thursday October 28.

The meeting saw the committee ignoring protests by 500 people and giving the go ahead for Countryside Properties to build homes on the site.

In the letter, Molly discusses the affect the development will have on the area and she urges the Mayor to lower the amount of flats that have been planned for the site.

It reads: “I go to Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School, located in Upminster. I leave every morning at 8:00 to get there by 8:30, sometimes I am already late by the traffic.

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“If all of these dwellings are built it will increase traffic even more that also means more pollution. These are only two of many problems that will occur”.

Linda said: “My husband is very much involved in politics but we have never tried to push that on to our kids.

“Because it was her first meeting, she was just really surprised to see people’s reactions and I think she just realised just how much the development would affect the area.”

Molly is now hoping to get a response from London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Linda said: “I know a lot of people have written letters to Boris Johnson about the development, but I think it would be nice for her to get a reply back because it would be something nice for her to remember.”