Harold Wood couple celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

THE SECRET to a long and happy marriage is simple-its a little bit of give and take.

That’s according to Colin and Beryl Woodhouse from Recreation Avenue, Harold Wood.

They should know as they have overcome a road traffic accident, a triple bypass operation and still celebrated 60 years of marriage on Thursday January 20.

Beryl said: “Its definatley all about give and take.

“We have had a few ups and downs but we always got on and we have just let little grievances go under the table.”

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Colin, 84 and Beryl, 81, both from Gidea Park first met in 1948 as members of the Gidea Park Dance club, but it was no love at first sight.

Colin said: “I can’t pretend because I did not take any interest in her or any other girl at the time.”

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It took Colin being involved in a road traffic accident a year later to finally bring them close together.

Colin said: “I split half of my head open on the tram line and I was in hospital for a month recovering but when I came back to the dance club I had lots of attention.”

Beryl said: “That was the first time I remember taking any notice of him.

“Things just clicked and it blossomed from there.”

A few months later the couple officially started courting and then on Beryl’s 21st Birthday, Colin popped the question and six months later they were married at St Margaret’s Church in Gidea Park.

Beryl said: “It was beautiful for a January day, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold either.

“He was a very nice person and he is still is and I wouldn’t swap him for the world.”

The pair spent their early married life living in Southend Arterial Road, where their daughter Janet was born before moving to Harold Wood in the 1960s.

Last year Beryl had to undergo a triple bypass operation.

Colin said: “We have always been hopeful that we would reach 60 years of marriage but at one point when my wife had her operation we thought we might not make it but she has made a wonderful recovery and apart from the occasional arthritis she is in good health.

“we still love our life together and love each other very much.”

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