Harold Hill shopkeeper claims scaffolding is ruining his business

AN ANGRY shopkeeper claims that he has lost �6,000 in business after the council has left scaffolding up outside of his shop.

Ronak Patel from Roseland News in Hilldene Avenue, Harold Hill claims that his shop is the only one in the parade that has been left up with scaffolding.

He said: “Its terrible because business is bad enough without loosing out on so much money which I can not really afford.”

About a month ago, the scaffolding was put up on all the shops in Hilldene Avenue, Harold Hill as part of regeneration on the flats above for insulation work.

Two weeks ago Mr Patel claims that the scaffolding was taken down from all the other shops apart from his.

He said: “We have had to deal with a lot of things over the years in this shopping parade.

“First it was the roadworks in the centre and then it was all the scaffolding, but the fact that they have forgotten mine means that I have practically not brought home any money this month.”

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Since then Mr Patel claims that his regular customers still use the shop, but he has lost out on passing trade because people think that the shop is closed.

He has also had a problem with opening and closing the shop with the scaffolding outside and has also seen kids playing on the site.

He said: “Its terrible because it has had a real knock on affect on my business because it means that people can’t see us from a far.

“This has completely wrecked my business and I am scared that this could be the final straw.”

A Homes In Havering spokesman said: “We are sorry that Mr Patel feels his business has been adversely affected by the scaffolding near to his premises.

“The scaffolding was put up to allow us to carry out Decent Homes improvement works at Homes in Havering properties above the shops.

“Unfortunately, some scaffolding has had to stay in place because one of the properties needs to be chemically cleaned before we can carry out the work and our contractors have experienced problems in making contact with the tenant in order to gain access to the property to do this.

“Our contractors have now made contact with the owner and an appointment has been made to carry out the cleansing work early next week.

“This will allow the works to be carried out after which the scaffolding can be removed.”