Harold Hill parents organise alternative prom night

A group of parents are organising an alternative prom night for their children after a school made the decision to scrap this year’s event.

The parents are angry that the year 11 class at the Drapers’ Academy in Settle Road, Harold Hill will miss out on prom night.

Parent Lisa Butler said: “The students are all really devastated.

“This is probably the only school in Havering that are not planning to hold a prom so this is just our way of helping the students.”

The event is set to take place at the Betty Strathern Centre in Myrtle Road, Harold Hill in July after the group were given the venue for free.

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A DJ has also offered to provide the music for the night.

They are now appealing for a company or an individual who can help to provide the food, decorations and equipment needed.

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Lisa said: “We are absolutely over the moon that we are getting so much help.

“It is a real community event and the kids are looking forward to it, for many of them it will be the last time seeing their friends and it will be good for them to say bye properly to them.”

Lisa came up with the idea of hosting an alternative prom night after she was told the news by her 15-year-old son, Billy Cox.

Principal Matthew Slater says that the school made the decision to scrap this year’s prom night and instead move it to the end of year 13, as their new sixth form centre opens in September this year.

He said: “We gave the students the option of having a party to celebrate or going to Thorpe Park and the majority said they wanted to go to the theme park.

“We would not deny the children the opportunity to finish off celebrating their education but almost 50% of our year group are continuing in sixth form and most schools do the major celebrations in year 13.”

But Lisa says that for many of the students, including her son,who is not planning on staying on at the college, it will be the last opportunity to say bye to his friends.

She said: “it’s a bit unfair that they will have to miss out on the prom.”

For more information contact lisabutler_bechg@yahoo.co.uk.

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