Harold Hill mum’s life hangs in the balance after miracle cancer drug stops working

Carly Lovett with husband David and baby Joshua

Carly Lovett with husband David and baby Joshua - Credit: Archant

A young mum with a devastating brain tumour has been told her miracle drug is no longer working as her family hope she will still be alive to see her son’s first birthday on Christmas Eve.

Carly Lovett, of Broseley Gardens in Harold Hill, and her family have been campaigning to help fund the cancer drug, Avastin, which costs them £2,500 a fortnight.

In August the Recorder told her story which led to an overwhelming response and raised more than £25,000 for the medication which is not available on the NHS.

The 31-year-old’s mum, Lesley Giodarno, said: “We are so thankful to every single person.

“Without them we might not have had her for another seven months.”

A scan last week showed that Carly’s tumour had grown and on Friday her doctor advised them to stop using the drug.

Two months ago the mum-of-one fell over a step in her kitchen and broke her hip badly enough to require replacement surgery.

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She hadn’t been able to take the Avastin ever since and that may have led to the tumour growing but the doctors can’t say for certain.

Her husband, David, 31, said: “Carly is a very strong woman and she is going to keep fighting as hard as she can.

“I would like to thank everyone for their love, support and generosity over the past two years since we’ve been fundraising and it means so much to us.

“Without them we wouldn’t have been able to have the treatment and it was brilliant when it did work – it was amazing.”

Carly can’t get out of bed any more and requires round-the-clock help from at least two people at a time to ensure that both she and baby Joshua get the care they need.

Her mum and husband enlist the help of other friends and family members every day, including Carly’s sister, Donna Bush, who spearheaded the fundraising campaign.

Lesley said: “You look at the baby and it’s really sad but I have to be brave and strong for her.

“It’s cruel. I love her too much and I don’t want her to suffer – it’s heartbreaking.”

The size of the brain tumour has affected Carly’s mind and often leaves her confused and forgetful.

David and Lesley must keep talking to her to keep her calm and explain what is happening.

Within an hour of David posting the news on Carly’s fundraising Facebook group there were more than a hundred comments expressing love and support.

“I have been reading them to her,” Lesley explained.

“We are so thankful to everyone who helped.”