Harold Hill boy from Channel 4's Child Genius releases book to help children to study maths

PUBLISHED: 11:30 28 November 2017 | UPDATED: 13:41 28 November 2017

Child genius Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, releases book with Maths Expert  Philip Chan,

Child genius Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, releases book with Maths Expert Philip Chan,


A 12-year-old boy who has been labelled as a child genius, has co-written a book to help other children who struggle to learn maths.

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, Barnstable Road, Harold Hill, has released 10 Seconds to Child Genius with author Philip Chan on Amazon and within 24 hours, became the number one best seller in mathematics study and teaching.

He said: “I love maths, and I often hear my peers and their parents struggle with maths.

“Philip Chan is known as the 10 Seconds Maths expert and after featuring in Child Genius we both felt compelled to transform the lives of one million families in relation to maths within 12 months.

“The book will help you with tests and exams, you’ll learn how to work smart and not work hard, you’ll learn amazing mental calculation techniques and you’ll amaze yourself, friends and family.”

Tray, who is the eldest of five siblings, starred in Channel 4’s Child Genius 2017 earlier this year and formed part of the top 20 in the prestigious competition.

But before he appeared on the show, he developed workshops called I’m That Kid - Bridging the Gap Between Father and Sons, designed to strengthen bonds within families, which were held at Arsenal Football Club’s hub.

He also wrote Kidz That Dream Big at the age of seven, with his older sister Lashai.

Mum Sabrina said: “I am beyond proud of my son’s achievements to date as this is not his first book.

“It’s heartwarming to observe my son sharing his abilities with others and transforming lives again.

“Seeing my son’s participation [on the show] was beyond exhilarating for my family and I, as we already knew he was a genius and now we get to share our best kept secret with the world and Tray-Sean has grown in confidence as a result.”

Tray said: “I really enjoyed participating in Child Genius.

“It was such an amazing experience with the show’s team who were amazing at making us feel relaxed and supported.

“The experience has totally transformed my life.”

10 Seconds to Child Genius is available to purchase on Amazon.

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