Happy 103rd birthday to you both

TWO remarkable pensioners who have seen off two world wars and almost 20 Prime Ministers are giving a boost to candle sales by celebrating their 103rd birthdays this month.

Although it’s said you should never ask a woman her age it is hard not to mention the achievement of Molly Watling and Milly Jennings, especially after surviving bombing raids and at least one life saving operation between them.

The birthday bonanza has kicked off an emotional month at the Lodge Care Home in Collier Row with cards, singing and a visit from the Mayor on Friday for Canning Town born Milly, whose real name is Amelia.

And the celebrations are set to continue as Molly, a former hotel waitress, will mark her birthday on October 29.

Molly, whose real name is Alice, believes having no worries has helped her to live long and prosper, and remembers clearly the advent of aeroplane travel.

Her son, Geoff Watling, 75, of Collier Row, said: “Unfortunately she has had to knock her favourite bacon sandwiches on the head but otherwise she is very fit and healthy for her age.

“She absolutely loves it at the lodge and gets masses of visitors. She has made lots of new friends and is still a bright and cheery person.”

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Milly, born Amelia, soldered tin lids at the Tate sugar factory in Silver Town before it merged and became Tate and Lyle, and she had her two boys, Alan and Derek.

Alan Jennings, 65, of Billericay, said: “She had a major operation in the 1997 where she was given a 10 per cent chance of living, so she’s done amazingly well really. She did get a bit emotional on Friday with all the singing and the Mayor’s visit.”