Green group stages rubbish protest in Romford

Havering green campaigners are urging the government to cut rubbish and boost recycling.

Havering Friends of the Earth staged a stunt on Saturday at Romford Market Place with a larger than life image of prime minister David Cameron cutting a bin in half with the quote: “It’s time Cameron talked… half as much rubbish.”

Campaigners said they want to halve the rubbish the rubbish that people put into their black bin bags.

They added that the council needs a boost from the government to be able to improve services and send less rubbish to be buried and burnt.

John Robinson, co-ordinator of Havering Friends of the Earth, said: “Friends of the Earth’s campaigning brought recycling to your doorstep. Now we want the government to halve the rubbish that has to go into our black bin bags by 2020.

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“More recycling doesn’t mean more hassle or more sorting. The best collection services are the simplest for householders and the most cost-effective for our cash-strapped council.

“Friends of the Earth want local authorities to be able to recycle and re-use more of our household waste and for more products to be designed to be easy to repair, re-use or recycle.”

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