‘Good Samaritan’s car towed away over fines’

�A man faces having his car crushed after racking up more than �1,000 in parking fines all because, he says, he stopped to help an old lady who had fallen over.

Russell Ross had his car towed from his driveway in Felstead Road, Collier Row, last week after refusing to pay fines dating back to 2009.

He said: “I am so frustrated because I think I am being punished for being a good citizen.”

The father of four says he was on his way home in Chase Cross Road when he saw an elderly lady had fallen over and was lying on the pavement.

He pulled over and helped her to her feet before leading her to the Bollywood Indian restaurant nearby.

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There, he stayed with her for 45 minutes and comforted her before she left to meet her son.

Three weeks later Mr Ross received a parking fine from the council with photographs showing his car with two wheels on the kerb.

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He said: “At that moment my priority was to help this lady who was shaken up and upset.

“In this day and age people don’t stop to help others. I have done that and I am being penalised.”

Mr Ross said that he has lost count of the number of times he has appealed the parking fine.

He has also taken the case to an independent adjudicator six times but each time it has ruled in the council’s favour.


The parking appeals included witness statements from the owner of the Indian restaurant.

He said: “I have reached the stage where I am constantly looking out for this lady because she seems to be my last hope.

“I feel like the situation is now completely hopeless.”

Cllr Barry Tebbutt, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “Mr Ross received a penalty charge notice for illegally parking on the pavement back in September 2009.

“He appealed to the council but, after inspecting CCTV footage, we could find no evidence in this case that he was assisting anyone.”

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