Gidea Park Primary student Grace Charnick wins Havering Museum’s “Spooky Havering” kids’ picture comp

This spooky scene is the winning entry in Havering Museum’s “Haunted Havering” children’s picture competition.

Grace Charnick’s picture “Nellie Asbo, Raphael Park Witch” shows Nellie on a broomstick, silhouetted against the moon over the popular Romford park. Gidea Park Primark School pupil Grace, seven, used pastels to create the moody piece.

Entrants had to use a Havering location as the basis for a Hallowe’en-themed picture.

The winning entry in the adults’ picture category is Peter Cook’s photograph “Towards the Light”. Runners-up are “The Windmill Monster Ball” by Jenny Jenner and “Two Evenings Out” by Dick Stanton.

Prizes will be presented on Saturday, November 3, at Havering Museum, High Street, Romford.

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