Former Girl Guide from Collier Row has surprise visit

A former Girl Guide was given a special thank you from the Olive Baden Powell Society after raising �200 for the international movement.

Olive Buckley from Collier Row, who is a member of the Romford Trefoil Guild had a visit earlier this month from Natalie Webber of the Olive Baden Powell Society, who came with Lady Baden Powell’s original badges.

Olive said: “It was brilliant.

“When I saw them I realised how nice they were and exactly why they are so valuable and the reason why they play such an important part in the movement.”

Natalie travelled from Eastbourne to Romford bringing the badges, worth �20,0000 with her.

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In May, Olive organised a ploughman’s lunch at her home, which helped to raise funds for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

The Olive Baden Powell Society is trying to raise �25,000 so that the movement can continue internationally.

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They want Lady Baden Powell’s badges to stay in the UK so that they can be seen by the latest members of the guide movement.

Olive, who became a girl guide when she was 11, said: “I remember meeting Lady Baden Powell when she came to Romford when I was a girl, so it was very nice to see her badges.

“It brought back lots of happy memories.”

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