Harold Hill neighbours still feeling effects of freak flooding

Effects of Harold Hill flooding still being felt

Willowherb Walk was ravaged by the freak flooding which hit Harold Hill on June 25. - Credit: Debbie Coventry

Residents living in a Harold Hill street continue to battle the effects of floods which hit almost six weeks ago.

Houses in Willowherb Walk were amongst those impacted by the freak tornado that flooded the area on June 25.

Six weeks on, and life still hasn't returned to normal for either Debbie Coventry or Alan Cole.

Debbie's end terrace house was particularly badly hit: “My house is a mess, and we’re looking at more than five weeks after the floods."

Effects of Harold Hill flooding rumble on

Debbie Coventry's home is still hugely damaged from the flooding which took place almost six weeks ago. - Credit: Debbie Coventry

Because of insurance delays, Debbie has only had her furniture moved and tiles lifted in recent days.

She and her husband - for whom she's a full-time carer - are currently confined to the upstairs.

Debbie's insurance company has suggested she leave the home she's lived in since 1999, but that simply isn't an option.

"My husband likes his surroundings. What would I do with him?," she asked.

Effects of Harold Hill flooding rumble on

Debbie's home in the aftermath of June's flooding. - Credit: Debbie Coventry

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There is also a lingering bad smell, which Debbie particularly noticed after she and her husband returned after their first outing in a few weeks.

Not only are they still suffering the effects of June 25, there's real concern it could happen again.

Both Debbie and neighbour Alan Cole claim their street floods every time it rains, with each certain it's a drainage issue.

Alan points to particular problems in Faringdon Avenue, and has been hugely frustrated by failed attempts to engage with the council on this issue.

Effects of Harold Hill flooding rumble on

Residents of Willowherb Walk claim the flooding is exacerbated by a council failure to properly clean nearby drains. - Credit: Debbie Coventry

"It’s like talking to a wall," bemoaned Alan, who added that his house is "still drying out".

Debbie shares his frustration, claiming that "nothing gets done".

She believes it's "disgusting" that another neighbour has attempted to clean the drains, arguing that "it's not his job".

A spokesperson for Havering Council said: “The council is acutely aware of the devastating impact that flooding can have on people’s homes and property we have the deepest sympathies for anyone who has been affected by this.

Effects of Harold Hill flooding rumble on

Havering Council sympathises with all those affected by flooding issues, including Debbie, whose living room has been badly damaged. - Credit: Debbie Coventry

“Given the recent flooding issues around Havering and the wider London area, we continue to take reports of blocked drains very seriously."

Crews have already been dispatched to reported sites, with blockages cleared in case of future rainfall.

The council vowed to keep working with other agencies - including the Environment Agency and Thames Water - to "better understand and predict future events and provide residents with the information needed".

Report blocked drains by visiting www.havering.gov.uk/info/20013/environmental_issues/127/hazards_pollution_and_flooding/6