Flashback: Rising cost of turkeys, a clampdown on underage drinkers and police officers do a good deed

PUBLISHED: 10:00 17 December 2017

60 years ago.

60 years ago.

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40 years ago.40 years ago.


It was advised to buy your turkey sooner rather than later by butchers, who said prices were going to keep rising.

They forecast that last-minute gamblers on good, cheap poultry were going to be backing a loser.

Wholesale prices of quality turkeys soared to 6s. 3d. and were expected to go higher.

20 years ago.20 years ago.

Retail prices could have reached between 7s. and 8s.

Butchers in the borough believed turkeys were going to be in short supply as many had already sold out.

Manager of Romford’s London Co-op, butcher’s section, W. E. Moss said: “As things are going, we won’t have any left for Christmas.

“Prices are going up and if we have to order anymore, they will rise even higher.”


Police and publicans launched a tough clampdown on under-age drinkers who plagued some of Havering’s pubs.

And they warned they would be extra vigilant over the Christmas period when it was feared many youngsters would go out on drinking binges.

A new law allowed police to spot-check any pub for licensing offences and Havering’s top police officer, Ch Supt Norman Neatherway said they would call on all pubs regularly to root out under age tipplers.

Police said they had found an 11-year-old boy drunk in the street several weeks earlier.

Earlier that year, detectives investigating the death of a schoolgirl discovered scores of drinkers under 18 using pubs.

Mr Neatherway said: “Under-age drinking gives us serious concern. We now have the power to visit pubs uninvited and will do so at least once a month to check licensing offences.

“If we think extra visits are needed, they will be arranged.We have and will take positive action about any drinking offences which come to our notice.”


Romford police officers played Santa after a distraught youngster lost his mum and dad’s Christmas presents.

Ben Williams, 11, of Brookfield Close, Collier Row, rushed to the police station when he realised he had lost the presents in Romford Market.

The tearful youngster blurted out his story to station reception officer Karen McKinnon but she had to tell him nothing had been handed in.

She said: “He was so upset.

“Apparently, he had saved up his pocket money and bought a necklace each for his parents.”

Ben’s story touched Karen’s heart and she organised a whip round of officers in the station and bought two similar necklaces for him.

Later that week, Ben was called to the station but Supt Ian Hoskins and was presented with the replacements.

His mum said: “I think the police are wonderful to do this, it has made his Christmas.”

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